I believe in Johnlock Holmes
So uhh, Hi! This blog is 100% Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott and the rest of the amazing actors in the show. SFW...for now ('-' )
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ben c seeing merchandise of his wolf character at comic con "thats me!!!" *buys everything*


and smaug merch too.

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Sherlock series 3 quotes:
J: "It was probably just an addict in need of a fix."
S: Yes. I think in a way it was.



Steven Moffat when asked about Sherlock series 4 at GOTG UK premiere. (x)


If anything the whole Janine fiasco has proven that he is INCAPABLE of dating someone!!!!!!!! WTF MOFFAT STOP TALKING SHIT

That’s not what he means. He pretended to date someone for a case, because he is more in touch with his emotions now. He wouldn’t have been able to pull that off (with a woman) in s1. He has a hard time understanding when women hit on him, while he knows exactly when a man is hitting on him. Therefore it would have been harder to pull that stunt. He also used Janine to make John jealous. What he did to Janine was messed up. That doesn’t mean he can’t date.

He is now capable of shooting someone, because he has someone he loves more than his own life. He has someone that he would do ANYTHING for. That makes him more dangerous than ever. Why? Because he deals with dangerous people, and Sherlock Holmes will NEVER let harm come to John Watson.

What he means is that
sherlock has become more human, and that affects the way he acts. He can no longer stay cool and rely solely on logic. Of course, we know that Sherlock has actually become MUCH better.

You also have to remember that Moffat lies 80% of the time, or gives wrong information.

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can i just have series 4 and the johnlock now please

Sherlock Holmes + eyebrow wrinkling.

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Andrew Scott is everything I’m not attracted to but I’m so attracted to him?????


Andrew Scott about BBC’s Jim Moriarty (25/7/14 | x )